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You Can't Wish for Abundance

Recently, I have noticed a marked increase in stories about and people “believing” that if you wish for abundance, or success, or a great relationship, or whatever, that the universe will manifest it for you. Note: YOU CAN'T WISH FOR ABUNDANCE! I know some people think by just thinking of or wishing for or buying something, like an abundance ring, is going to bring abundance into your life. It does not and will not. Having an amulet or lucky trinket and just believing makes as much sense as thinking that a leprechaun will bring a pot of gold to your door.
I am NOT saying that a positive attitude is not necessary to see and realize a better future. But in order to get to that future, it takes work and getting off your ass and developing into someone who earns abundance. Yes, sometimes people do get lucky, and good fortune smiles upon them, but it is usually a single event, and before they know it, that “abundance” has disappeared. Because I have met some seemingly bright peo…

Give and Take

As a rule, I have been applying the rules of Adam Grant's great book "Give and Take" to the people I meet for some time now. I have intrinsically known about the three types of people he talks about (givers, takers and matches) in his book for some time, as I have stayed away from takers and matchers (people who do you a favor it you do them a favor) for the last 10 years. What I did not know is that givers are both the most successful and least successful people on the spectrum. The difference between the two types is givers is: one type only gives to other givers, or is a strategic giver. The other type, ends up giving to takes and matches and usually gets burned out due in part that you can never fill up either party with giving. I highly recommend anyone who wants to be successful in life to read the book. 
Of course my advice to anyone is to stay away from the takers and matchers.  The are usually drama obsessed and only will suck the life force out of you and …