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World's Best, Greatest, Most, & Least

Of course it is the end of yet another year. The sun still shines in the sky, the Earth still circles it and life goes on, but would it not be nice to know some fun facts about this beautiful blue planet we live on? In any case, here are a bunch of number one's that you might not have known about.

The world's hottest place: Death Valley National Park
The highest air temperature ever recorded on Earth was 134 degrees Fahrenheit, at Death Valley National Park on July 10, 1913.

The world's coldest place: East Antarctic Plateau
On the high ridge of the East Antarctic Plateau, the temperature can drop to as low as -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded in August, 2010.

World's most populated city: Shanghai
At a whopping 24,150,000 permanent inhabitants, Shanghai is the single city that is home to the most people in the world.

World's least populated city: Vatican City
With a paltry population of 842, the city-state of Vatican City is the smallest city and state in the world.


The Sprit of Christmas

So what is Christmas anyway? No matter what your faith, the spirit of Christmas is pretty simple, and has been echoed throughout time, by many people, from different beliefs, around the world. Be good to yourself, love others, and well, be happy in the fact that all you will do, and all you have done, is approved by the Creator, your Maker. You were all made perfect and are a gift to this World. May the Joy and Spirit of Christmas live in your hearts always..

Wisdom in Football

Considering what time of the year it is, and since I am a big fan of sports analogies, primarily due to fact that they are usually dead nuts on target in explaining what people should do to improve their companies, teams, or ourselves, I thought a post about football would be worthwhile here. In that light, here are some football quotations that I hope you find useful and enlightening...

“Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble the football” John Heisman
“I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game.” Bear Bryant / Alabama
“It isn't necessary to see a good tackle, you can hear it! Knute Rockne / Notre Dame
“At Georgia Southern, we don't cheat . That costs money, and we don't have any.” Erk Russell / Georgia Southern
“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.” Lou Holtz / Arkansas - Norte Dame
“When you win, nothing hurts.” Joe Namath / A…

“How did you get funded?”

This is a question I have been asked dozens of times. I have been pretty fortunate and had a great deal of success as an entrepreneur in raising money, and many of my friends, colleagues, and entrepreneurs in waiting have asked me, what does it takes to get investment? Other that knowing someone or doing it once before (that is the easiest way), how can a “nobody” get somebody to invest in your bright idea? There are not a lot of things you can control when it comes to funding, but here are some tips YOU can do that seem to work for me, and hopefully for all those budding entrepreneurs out there as well!
It’s all about the sizzle…you are selling smoke and smell, not steak! OK, being in Texas for most of my life (but not a native), I have learned a lot about cattle, steak and sizzle. You want to make their mouths water. When you are “selling” your idea, you have to think more like a televangelists and an engineer, CEO, or businessman. Essentially, you are selling something intangible tha…