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Until You Win... (motivation)

Sometimes, as we move through life, a few of us get lost..and need a little piece of motivation to show us what it takes the authentic you. For entrepreneurs, this might happen a bit more often than not, but for all of us, we always need a bit of encouragement. Yes, we all go through tough times, and we have a choice.. go forward or to give up.. I pray for everyone .. to keep going. We all want to be something..but to get there sometimes need to just believe in yourself, believe in what you are doing, in the great art you are making, to the world you are changing. Here is a great video and transcription that I hope helps.
Where have you been? Why are you here? ..and where are you going?

You look at your life, you look what you produce. Is it giving you what you want? Are you living on purpose? Are you living your dream? Are you acting on your ideas? Are you doing all you can do? Have you gotten comfortable? Are you procrastinating? Are you evading your own greatness?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who can enourish you? Are you challenging yourself? Are you experimenting? Are you learning something different? Is your life an adventure or is it boring?

Why are you here, what brought you here? Investing the time, the money? What brought you here?

What decisions are you making right now as you look into the future?

Where are you going with your life?

I do not care how hard you fail.

I do not care home any times you failed the test.

I don’t care if nobody don’t believe in you.

It only takes you believing in yourself to get this thing done.

As long as you believe in you, you got the right mindset. You got the right attitude; you can have whatever you like. But if you fall, I want you to fall forward; I need you to fail forward.

Now, are there going to be some moments that you want to give up? Yes! Will there be some moments when it's going to seem like it’s impossible, the pain you are experiencing, the disappointment you are experiencing, that you are going to say that it’s not worth it? Yes! It is going to be right there for you.

It is going to be in your face, telling you to go back. Don’t let the distractions distract you. Alright, you have to keep moving, don’t stop!

To separate what you do from who you are, that is what the guilt trap is about.

All of us have made some mistakes in life. All of us have done some things that if we had them to do over again we wouldn’t do it again.

A lot of things if I had to over again, if I knew then what I know now I would have done it differently, well it did not happen that way.

A lot of us because of the limited vision of ourselves, a lot of us who begin to focus on problems and enable them to overwhelm us, we begin to begin to think we have no options, we begin to believe there is no way out.

You can always better your best. You can always go beyond anything you have ever done.

And I am saying that the fact you are still here, that you’re still breathing, you got some more work and you owe it to yourself. So that when you get up in the morning, so you can look yourself in the face and say, ‘Hey, I am living my life on my terms.’

Let me tell you there are some times in life where you fall down, and you feel like you don’t have the strength to get back up. Pretend that everything is OK when it’s not, and you go home and you lay in your bed, when no one is looking at you, when you don’t have to impress anybody, and fear comes in.

You know the fear that you have as soon as you walk into the doors of your house. All you need is a broken home. Maybe you have doubt in your life? Maybe you don’t know for sure what is going to be happening in the future and it scares you.

Maybe you are worried about what people think of you, what people say about you. It’s that the fear that paralyses you.

And I just want to ask you today, ‘Do you think you have HOPE?’

Right now you are at the worst place in your life that you ever been. I believe that this is your beginning, but this doesn’t have to be your end. That just because you are currently here, this is your present circumstances, that life don’t have to end for you right now.

What is it that will give you the drive? What is it that will ignite the courage in you to get up and come back again and again and again?

Your “why,” your why is going to push you when you can’t push yourself. When you want to quit and give up. Your ‘why’ is going to give you that edge you need that advantage you need that lift that you need to get to the next level. Your WHY! Yes, we’re tired! Yes, we’re hungry. Yes, the mind is saying give up. Yes, it’s saying quit! But we cannot quit! Because we realize we have not reached the goal yet.

‘This is not what I said I was going to do! This is what I talked about. This is NOT the GOAL! This is not what I dreamed about! This is NOT what it looks like.’

I will try one hundred times to get up and if I fail one hundred times, if I FAIL and I give up.., do you think I am ever going to get up? No!

So I need you to believe. If I fail I try again…. and again, and again, for as long as I try there is always that chance of getting up.

You can decide that you are going to stand up to life.

It’s not the end until you have given up…. There is still hope.

You are going to work through this. You are going to get up. You are going to get dressed. You are going to get out, and you are going to do what you have been called to do. You are going to be your calling. You are going to have and you are going to prove that everybody that tried to break you, everybody that tried to stop you, everybody that tried to kill your dreams, you going to prove all of them were wrong. I used the pain to push me to greatness; and I am telling you right now, don’t give up! I am telling you right now, don’t give in. Get through it! There is still time… as long as there is breathe in your nostrils; as long as you can wake up in the morning.

It matters how you will finish. You will find that strength to get back up.

If you are still in the game, which means that if you are in the game, and there is still time in the game, and still time left in the game, you can still win the game.

You can’t afford not to be you. You can’t afford just to go to work so you can get a check. You cannot afford not to see what your greatest is. You can’t afford not to put your foot all the way down and see what you can get out of life.

You will get knocked down, but you will not be knocked out. I'm going to empower me, and all these things that are happening to me right now, they're just temporary inconveniences. They’re not stronger than I am.

You can’t afford not to be you. You’ve going through some hard times? It has not come to stay, it has come to pass! It takes guts to pick yourself up. It takes guts, you have to dig down deep and gut it out. Keep on going, again, and again, and again, until you make it happen, because you know that it's possible.

For many of you right now, life got you up against the ropes. You can’t give up, you can’t give in. If it were easy everybody would do it, and it life got you backed up you start fighting back.

If life knocks you down try to land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.

Well it’s your serve, you take responsibility for it, you make it happen and you don’t give up, and you keep on keeping on, and if you’ve decided that you can’t make it because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have so much energy that can take us so far. It is necessary that you look up and to find the energy to take you to the next level. There’s more there. It’s possible you can get what you want, it is necessary if you want you got to go into action, you got to be willing to experiment. You got to be willing to fail and succeed. Here is your dream manifest. No, it’s hard, yes it’s hard. It’s difficult. Yes, right? And it’s worth it!

It’s necessary that you have a plan of action. That you are resilient, that you stick to it. That you have the vision and never give up. That you become creative and relentless, and keep on coming back again, and again, and again, and again. And it's you, that you have to take personal responsibility to make it happen. That is it is hard, easy is not an option. And when life knocks you down, jump back up and say: It’s not over until I WIN!!!


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