Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is America?

Look at the wrinkled brow on my face and see the drought in a soul sucked dry by a cold and callous system of men without faith.

Look at the tears in my eyes and see that an ocean of hope still wells up within.

Look deep, past the years and the fears, and know there is always truth that might shorten your path, and broaden the scope of community.

Look where you have not cared to look before, and give a hand up instead of a hand-out!

Look at a proud flag flying over all of us, rich and poor, woven in the Maker’s image, for the protection of all those who embrace it.

It is not for us to choose the conditions of that freedom or liberty, it is given freely and our oath and loyalties should be also.

Look at your condition, and know the only safe harbors for any man in any condition, is under the banner of the red-white and blue.

The muddy and bloody tombs of tyranny and elitism are strewn throughout the world where men have thought less of freedom and love,

So look long and fondly at the sacrifices held in the shadowed furls of the flag, and know the promise that Heaven gave us all is alive and well within it.

Charles Buchanan

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