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What is America?

Look at the wrinkled brow on my face and see the drought in a soul sucked dry by a cold and callous system of men without faith.

Look at the tears in my eyes and see that an ocean of hope still wells up within.

Look deep, past the years and the fears, and know there is always truth that might shorten your path, and broaden the scope of community.

Look where you have not cared to look before, and give a hand up instead of a hand-out!

Look at a proud flag flying over all of us, rich and poor, woven in the Maker’s image, for the protection of all those who embrace it.

It is not for us to choose the conditions of that freedom or liberty, it is given freely and our oath and loyalties should be also.

Look at your condition, and know the only safe harbors for any man in any condition, is under the banner of the red-white and blue.

The muddy and bloody tombs of tyranny and elitism are strewn throughout the world where men have thought less of freedom and love,

So look long and fondly at the sacrific…

One Nation Under Surveillance?

Just 15 years ago most of us were still getting most of our mail delivered by the USPS postman. Now it has become very rare even in the case of most bills.
I have often wondered, if the equivalent of today’s mass surveillance had been going on 20 or even just 10 years ago… and people would find ALL their PERSONAL cards and letters had been copied, opened, read and stored by their “Protective government,” would they have responded with the same stoicism and indifference that seems to permeate today’s sheeple?
I think here would have been a MIGHTY uproar! Yet because its “Digital” it doesn’t seem to register…GO FIGURE?
Who wouldn’t be upset if they found strangers had been going to their personal stuff, searched through their file cabinets and drawers, read ALL their PRIVATE records and looked through their very personal (those not placed on Face Book) photo albums? Or would it be ok if people knew it had happened but the burglars left no traces and placed everything back where it origina…

The Perfect Husband?

Of course, there is NOT SUCH THING as a real perfect husband, but to all the guys who have ever done this, kudos.  Fidelity is NOT about being faithful to someone else, but being true to yourself!
A man woke up in the morning still dressed with a terrible hangover, and could not remember what he had done the night before.

On the table next to the bed he saw two aspirins, a glass of water, and a note from his wife, saying "Honey, there is a hot breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen. Love you lots!

He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order; spotlessly clean. He quickly notices that the rest of the house looks extremely clean. He decides to get up and stumbles into the bathroom where notices he has a very swollen and very black and blue eye. After showering and shaving, he goes to the kitchen as he passes the hall he sees that the mirror is broken. At this point he is very perplexed.

He realizes that his son is in the kitchen a…

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