Saturday, March 2, 2013

32 Traits Happy People Possess

Everybody wants to "be" happy, but do you know what it takes to be happy?  Really, happiness is not found, but discovered through a little be of effort and work.  Most of that work is on ourselves and sadly we often do not know where or how to start on getting happy.  Lucky for you I love short lists, and lifted many of these from 30 Traits Happy People Have in Common (if you want more info)...  Here they are..Happy People...

1. Find Good in EVERY Situation
2. Create Their Own Happiness
3. Are Ambitious
4. Have Clarity in Their Wants
5. Ask the Right Questions
6. Rarely Complain
7. Do Not Procrastinate
8. Face their Fears
9. Do Not Blame Others
10. Maximize their Potential
11. Avoid Toxic People
12. Take Calculated Risks (lots of them)
13. Deal with Problems Quickly
14. Are Solution Focused
15. Take Action When Needed
16. Are Life-Long Learners
17. Have a Sense of Humility
18. Manage Their Emotions
19. Work Through Pain
20. Work and Look Long-Term
21. Find Balance
22. Are Multidimensional
23. Do Right By Themselves
24. Are Proactive
25. Have a Sense of Security
26. Keep In Shape Physically
27. Are Generous and Kind
28. Focused on Things THEY can Change
29. Realize Work is NOT their Life
30. Can Turn Off
31. Are Adaptable and Embrace Change
32. Practice What They Preach

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