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A New Year's Wish

May the hinges of our friendship never rust,
Nor the wings of love lose a feather,
May good health find those I love,
And good fortune to those who love me,
May any trouble that finds you be as short
As your New Year's Resolutions
And for better or worse, whatever will be,
May another year be with thee....

What did You Do for Christmas? (humor)

I hope each and everyone one of you had a stress free, joyous, wonderful, beautiful, memorable Christmas time? I thought you would enjoy this Fryday humor post as Christmas is celebrated in many different ways, by many different people, and some of those people do not believe, and that is where a good sense of humor comes to play…Hope this brings a smile to your faces!!!
The young teacher asked: "What do you do at Christmas time?
A Catholic student answered: "Well me and my twelve brothers and sisters go to midnight mass and we sing hymns; then we come home very late and we put mince pies by the back door and hang up our stockings. Then all excited, we all go to bed and wait for Father Christmas to come with all our toys."
Then a Protestant child replied: Well me and my sister also go to church with Mom and Dad and we sing carols and we get home ever so late. We put cookies and milk by the chimney and hang up our stockings. We hardly sleep waiting for Santa Claus to br…

The Spirit of Christmas

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, curl up in a blanket and enjoy this story about the Spirit of Christmas. I thought this would be an appropriate Christmas post as it is one of the best stories I have read about the Spirit of Christmas, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, or believe or not, you will enjoy this story. May God (in any form you see the Creator) bless you this Christmas and all through the year…enjoy…

The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas Eve. He hadn't been anywhere in years since his wife had passed away. It was just another day to him. He didn't hate Christmas, just couldn't find a reason to celebrate. He was sitting there looking at the snow that had been falling for the last hour, wondering what it was all about and just feeling a little sorry for himself when the door opened and a homeless man stepped through.

Instead of throwing the man out, Old George as he was known by his customers, told the man to come and sit by the heater and w…

Unintended Consequences

Sometimes what is said, and what is meant are two different ideas and as such there are unintended consequences... as this short story demonstrates.

A minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, 'If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

With even greater emphasis he said, 'And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, 'And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

Sermon complete, he sat down...

The song leader stood very cautiously and announced with a smile, nearly laughing, 'For our closing song, let us sing Hymn #365, 'Shall We Gather at the River.'

38 Things You Wished You Had Done BEFORE You Were Old

They say youth is wasted on the young. So, what are you doing to prevent wasting yours?I wish I had this list 30 years ago.Still, as Jonathan Swift wrote: “No wise man ever wished to be younger."Take these to heart.

1. Not traveling when you had the chance. Being you (young) means you have a lot less responsibilities. Traveling becomes infinitely harder the older you get, especially if you have a family and need to pay the way for three-plus people instead of just yourself. “There are three cures for ennui: sleep, drink and travel."
--D.H. Lawrence
2. Not learning another language. Boy, remember how much you hated Spanish, French, or Latin in School? You will kick yourself when you realize you took three years of language in high school and remember none of it and English is NOT spoken everywhere.
3. Left a Bad Relationship Sooner
If it is not working, learn to leave, but first learn to love yourself. We all think the relationship we are in may get better, but you already know i…