Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Be Creative

I was recently reading a "How To" by Hugh MacLeod (the founder of gapingvoid) and it occurred to me that I also have a short list that I have learned about creativity, and I will share it below (some Hugh & I share BTW).  My list follows:

How to be creative my Hugh MacLeod

1: Do Not Listen to Naysayers
2. Surround yourself with free thinkers
3. Make lots of mistakes (this is real creativity)
4. Practice, Practice.. see #3
5. Sing in your own voice (do what YOU want to)
6. Make your OWN mistakes
7. Do NOT think of what cannot be done...just do it
8. Focus on the art
9. Do exceptional work for the few who will appreciate it
10. Put all your heart into it.
11. Make sure what you are doing is really different (no copies)
12. Be original..rather than a poor copy of someone else
13. Realize that what you are doing is a gift..you may get nothing for it, but do it anyway

Sorry, that is it...short and sweet...just do it...there is no 2nd place for doing 1st rate work...<3

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