Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ACH - NACHA Translations

In an effort to move the world in a more user friendly direction,  I put this together this document to help an company I have been working with, Help Find Care, develop their automation process when dealing with payroll and ACH (Automated Clearing House).  This document takes each of the NACHA fields needed to upload a text file to your bank. The screen shots are below (click on the images to enlarge), or you can download the PDF with this link.

Notes: Field was is the header record field..Each field consists of 94 characters. To submit a payment file you will need Feilds 1, 5, 6 (may be multiple field 6s), 8, and 9.

Field 5 is the Company Batch Header designator

Note: Field 6 is the actual payment field, and there would be on field (94 characters) for each employee you would want to pay.

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