Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Give Thanks...

Yes, today is a day we set aside why we are thankful, and for that, I am glad…but much like Scrooge was transformed to live Christmas in his heart every day, I am thankful always. I will not go into why or how. I am glad that at least one day is set aside for others to acknowledge their gratitude, but thought I would pen why I give thanks everyday

I am thankful for nature, for it gives me beauty in unexpected ways and places

I am thankful for my enemies, for they keep me strong and honest

I am thankful for my faith, for it gives me light when I walk in the valley of darkness

I am thankful for music, for it stirs the soul and awakens the spirit

I am thankful for those who create, for they awaken a universe of possibilities and mimic the Creator

I am thankful for the kindness of strangers, for they remind me of our divinity within

I am thankful for great writers, for they share their wisdom throughout the ages

I am thankful for sorrow and pain, for it makes me appreciate joy and gladness more

I am thankful for freedom and liberty, for it allows us to enjoy the pursuit of happiness in our own way

I am thankful for great performers, for they go into the arena of criticism to demonstrate their talents

I am thankful for my parents, though the may be flawed, they are what brought me into this world

I am thankful for my intelligence, because it allows me to recognize all that I am blessed with

I am thankful for my health, for it is my foundation and allows me enjoy all my blessings unencumbered

But mostly, I am thankful for you…

For you give me strength when I am weak

You give me support when I stumble

You lend me a hand when I fall

You give me encouragement to make a difference

You give me a reason to contribute to something bigger than myself

You push me to invent, to create, to dream

You are the glue that assembles all my disassembled parts

You add to me in so many unseen and intangible ways

You give me the wings to fly when I jump off the cliff and,

The soft landing in the net when I land

But mostly you give me the love of friendship…and that alone sustains my soul and spirit through any adversity.

It nourishes the psyche and feeds the enlightened mind

I only hope you always realize this…You are my gift and for that I am always Thankful..

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