Friday, August 13, 2010

Sex And Automobiles

OK everyone, get your minds OUT OF THE GUTTER, on second thought, no just keep wallowing there. I am doing something different for my Fryday post, and sending videos but I cannot since they are too BIG. Yes, today IS Fryday the 13th and I thought I should do something special. OMGolly, yes, I am getting hip, and doing video. Ooooh! 

Two commercials, one from Dodge, one from Mercedes that involve sexual innuendo. Both are pretty funny but for TOTALLY different reasons. The Dodge one uses reverse stereotypes and the Mercedes one, well, is just so European. I hope, no, I know these will make you chuckle. If you want to view them, click here. Enjoy, and happy, um, motoring? I goes to show the power of humor in marketing your message and allow potentially new customers to begin the engagement process.

Mercedes Winter

Mine is 7" Bigger

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