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My PC Purgatory

Dear Friends; As you all know, my PC (Psycho Computer) decided to take a holiday and wig out on me. While I do not take it personally, it did put a crimp in my ability to send out my daily quotations and humor. With that said, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I my PC back, and they were able to restore my Outlook files. The BAD news is that I cannot do anything but look at the files. I cannot send or receive emails, or update the calendar, or even delete files!!! It is like being in a one sided relationship (hum, why does this sound familiar?). Anyway, I am taking my PC to Mr. Notebook. They say they can fix it! While I did get a new PC, my Outlook files are really important to me, and they contain all my quotation info. So, just wanted to say I love you, and thank you for your patience. This saga continues....Jeffrey

On A Ledge

I wrote this poem for a friend some time ago, and just wanted to post it here to tell everyone that we have ALL faced a time in our life when someone has hurt us terribly and we found ourselves "out on this ledge!" The great thing about it is that we all stepped away. Yes, it still may hurt, and the feelings and scars may never go away, but the choice is ours. Happily, I will never feel this way again, as it reflects a selfish kind of love. Sorry if it is a little dark.

I sit on this ledge
I look all around
I move to the edge
I stare at the ground

Alone with myself
I sit and I wait
Alone on this shelf
To balance my fate

The birds up above
They fly on the wing
They soar like a dove
Together they sing

You once felt so strong
A love that was true
But now it’s all gone
So what should I do

Except questioning why
I am up here at all
These feelings won’t die
And now I will fall

To a fate that I choose
To destiny’s end
Nothing to loose
And I can’t pretend

That It doesn’t feel bad
Or …