Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Entrepreneurs are Like God

As I go from network meeting to network meeting during these very uncertain times, I notice two types of people. One type is hoping, praying, and desperately searching for a job. The other type is looking to start a new endeavor or more precisely create their “own” job.

As I have been fortunate to be associated with a number of successful entrepreneurs and some successful start up endeavors, one theme keeps recurring: Entrepreneurs are the closest thing to God on Earth! Why?

Well, as the story goes, God said “Let there be Light!” In small words, God had a thought, and that thought manifested itself into reality. Essentially, God created something that was not there earlier. So too, an Entrepreneur has an idea and then goes about creating a product, service, company, system or whatever. Essentially, there was nothing and then “poof” there is something!

I believe that my background as an engineer, entrepreneur and American it is my duty to create new ideas, companies, jobs, products, services, and networks! Being a part of the “creative class” is what sets the United States apart from every other country in the world, and in the long term, is our most sustainable competitive advantage. As an entrepreneur I will fight against any law, person, institution, or organization that tries to curtain the ability for individuals to “create” new companies! I guess I want us all to be God-like!


America is Really Really Good, Honest. Please Love Us Everyone. said...

You're right - being creative is what sets America apart. No one ever created anything before the USA was established. Today, there is no creativity outside the USA. In fact, it's not clear there is even intelligent life outside the USA. The USA is the distillation of all that is Good and Manly and Noble. Everyone else is bad, and weak, and craven.

And, as your photo caption says, Planet Earth owes a debt of gratitude to Thomas Jefferson. Without him, Freedom and Choice would never have existed. Jefferson invented democracy; destroyed slavery; and single-handedly deflected incoming asteroids from the earth so we, his humble descendants, could worship him like the deity he is.

Profit Profit said...

OK "America" maybe I went a little overboard on this post, but I do love your "tongue-in-cheek" retort!