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How History is Made - Quietly

Yesterday, I was able to be a part of making history. No, it was not the cure for cancer, or discovering warp drive, or teleportation (those WILL come later). The “history” was the placement of the world’s first device that can restore a man’s hair naturally, without drugs, surgery, or negative side effects.

Why is this important and how does it make history?

Due to the fact this is first machine that can combat the reasons why men go bald with an all natural, non-invasive, scientific approach makes it unique. It combines three technologies to first destroy DHT (a testosterone that deteriorates the hair follicle and their blood vessels and causes hair loss), second to rejuvenate the hair follicle, and lastly increase blood flow to the hair follicle. Essentially, it makes your scalp “think” it is 25 years old (or younger), or back when you used to grow hair naturally. But the technology is NOT the important thing here.

Nor is the most important thing that now men (and some women) can now regain the confidence that comes with a full head of hair in this every competitive environment for jobs, security, mates, and recognition. While this is SUPER important for the company’s ultimate success as a marketing message, it is not the MOST important feature in making history.

No, what is significant here is that a handful of entrepreneurs with very little fanfare, little money, but a lot of grit and determination brought to light a new technology, in a new sales channel for a different way to combat a problem that until today was handled with drugs or surgery. Their differentiation is that they offer an all natural, use proven science, and have no ill side effects. This company will be wildly successful due to the fact that there is such a pressing need for this “fix.” The amazing thing about it is that so few people were there to witness its birth!

I wonder how many other companies are being born yesterday, today or tomorrow unnoticed that will experience the same phenomenal success that will become so obvious 3 to 5 years from now?

If anyone is interested in seeing this “revolutionary” product, it is at Milk+Honey Salon on 3rd Street in downtown Austin. Ask for Elizabeth at 512.236.1115.

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