Monday, May 4, 2009

Choose Your Partners Well

During these difficult times, it becomes easy for partnerships and teams to disintegrate due to the stress posed by the uncertainty and chaos caused by the weakness in the economy. One thing that is for certain is if anyone on your team, in your partnership, or marriage is not totally supportive and encouraging your pursuit of your goals, or belief in your abilities, then get them off your team or leave them.

You cannot be truly successful any anything you do if you have a person on your team or partnership that is either overtly or covertly working against you. Although you may not see it, a person who does not believe in what the team is doing creates such ennui that it will ultimately not only destroy your team or partnership, but most likely prevent you from truly reaching your goals.

Why were the Spartans the most fearsome fighting force ever, the Marines considered the best run organization in the US, and Nordstroms perennially one of the most customer centric companies in the world? Because EVERYONE on their teams believe in each other, in their goals, and their abilities.

So, if you feel that someone on your team is not passionately pulling your idea to success, not encouraging the team, and talking about “me” instead of “we,” then get away as soon as possible. It may be difficult (if you are married, it will be painful), but you have to do it. There is no room for negativity if you want to get to where you want to be.

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