Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Do IT

Back in 1987, Art Williams, a self made billionaire made a speech to the National Religious Broadcasters that succinctly defines what is necessary to be successful in business. This list is STILL relevant today and I outline it below.

In essence, Mr. Williams believes that the winning edge in ANYTHING you do you involves having that have Mental Toughness, People Ability, Integrity, and Character. A more detail outline is listed below:

1) Be Excited about what you are doing and STAY excited about it until you have completed what you started out to do.
2) Stay Positive no MATTER what happens. Get "I Can't" out of your vocabulary.
3) Be a DREAMER - Yes a DREAMER. You HAVE to have a dream
4) Stand for SOMETHING. This goes to the power of purpose in what you do.
5) You must be TOTALLY committed to what you are trying to do.
6) Treat people Good. Show them love and caring and make EVERYONE you meet feel special.
7) Establish the right Priorities in your live: Faith, Family and Business in that order.
8) Have a Heart of a Champion - have the will and drive to win.
9) Be a Leader. Understand what leadership is all about (a servant leader)
10) Do NOT let being smart stop you from being successful. There is no easy way to being successful.
11) Do NOT stop at ALMOST getting there. Follow through
12) You have to stay PERSISTENT. Do not give up, do not quit even when you are successful

Bottom line: Just DO IT. Carpe Diem. Just do not talk the talk, walk the walk

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