Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Life Can Change in 18 Minutes

(source: Tom Swinnea who wrote this for Thomson Encyclopedia a few years ago)
Why is the Battle of San Jacinto so important in determining your future actions and how can I apply this to my business?

....Put aside almost one million square miles of territory that changed hands with this victory and the jingoistic "if it wasn't for that, we'd all be speaking Spanish today." Next time I go by Taco Bell and order a taco, a burrito, or some muy grande something, I'll be speaking Spanish.

What's always been at the core of the battle for me is this--in 18 minutes, your life can change. The Texans had all kinds of setbacks and defeats combined with dogged determination and whatever preparation they could muster that went into those 18 minutes. Just after the fall of the Alamo and the executions at Goliad, (Sam) Houston had 400 volunteers on Texas soil. Santa Anna had a troop strength of 4,000 regular army in the field. Fast forward six weeks after the Alamo, and Texans are walking through tall grass and approaching the top of a small incline on the Gulf coastal plain. When they clear the rise, Houston's men see their future literally in front of them. It's that "point of the spear" moment when what you do with all that training makes all the difference. If you need some sales, management, or personal inspiration (and in these times, who doesn't), think about those Texans heading down the hill.

Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!

Now, go out an win some unexpected victory!

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