Thursday, January 1, 2009

How Fast Things Change

Below is a video how much things are changing in the modern era. Cool statistics and just all around interesting, especially about how many jobs our kids in college will have by the time they are 38!


Anonymous said...

Wow, fascinating how fast things have changed! Thanks for the post!

eddie james said...

It asks at the end what does this all mean? I think it means we are on a fast track for certain disaster. as technology progresses farther and farther ahead the only real conclusion is that mankind's ever increasing demand on the planets resources far outweighs the usefulness he provides and consequently the need to protect him becomes even less. the prevailing attitude will soon shift into actively depopulating by our leaders.

Profit Profit said...

eddie; you have a point, but with great knowledge comes great responsibility. I totally believe that we do have the ability to solve the problems we create. Do not give up hope. Actually, there is a really good quote about is at: