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Why start a blog called the Profit Prophet?

Wow, this is a question we all ask, but are not sure why we do it. I am starting this blog for two reasons: 1) Is to impart some (albeit small) amount of wisdom that I learned during my 20 odd years as an engineer, marketeer, salesman, in operations, and business development; 2) To attract other liked-minded individuals to this blog to ask questions on how to improve their business by eliminating the friction most companies have in selling their products or services. This friction is caused mostly by a total lack of strategy. As the saying goes, "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." Hopefully, my one eye can help some people out there.
OK, why the profit prophet? Back when I first stared out at Texas Instruments some 25 years ago, I got the reputation of only looking at deals that involved profit margins, not gross revenues. This was so contrary to the prevailing mindset at TI, that people soon thought I would be terminated. But my boss (Jim Watson, w…